Ca' d'Gal is an historic winery, built on the hills of Valdivilla, a small hamlet of Santo Stefano Belbo, the heart of Moscato d'Asti's terroir of choice.

Vineyards in Ca' d'Gal

Eight hectares of vineyards, plots reaching 70 years of age, white and light soils, rich in sand, facing south. A centuries-long tradition that has been able to combine elements of the past, such as aging the wine in sand boxes, and courageous choices, giving the wines unique notes for the richness of their olfactory and taste components.

Ca' d'Gal is the emblem of Moscato d'Asti par excellence.

Ca' d'Gal
Ca' d'Gal
Ca' d'Gal
Ca' d'Gal
Ca' d'Gal
Ca' d'Gal

Our wines are the result of a rigorous process of selection of plots, their cultivation and vinification. Wines that are bound by the same tradition, but express themselves in a unique way.

Thus the three declinations of Moscato Ca' d'Gal are born. Lumine, a traditional Moscato made with grapes from the lands surrounding the winery. Sant'Ilario, a Canelli Moscato aged 12 months, perfect for unusual food pairings. The Vite Vecchia, considered the other side of Moscato: thanks to a light drying process and 60 months of aging in sand boxes, it has managed to prove that even a Moscato can mature and evolve excellently in the cellar, and thus possess an extraordinary capacity for aging.

Alongside Moscati, Ca' d'Gal also offers its own interpretation of Asti Spumante Dolce DOCG, a fresh bubbly perfect for all occasions.


Asti Spumante D.O.C.G.


Moscato d'Asti D.O.C.G.


Moscato d'Asti D.O.C.G. Canelli

Vite Vecchia